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You May Have to Quarantine for 14+7 Days

Key points of Beijing’s new ‘14+7’ quarantine policy. January, 2021

21 day quarantine may now apply if you plan to arrive in Beijing. The measure comes amid news of overseas arrivals testing positive even after a 14-day quarantine had been completed. On December 14, an arrival from Hong Kong tested positive in Beijing two days after his quarantine period ended. On January 5, a British teacher who had previously tested negative after completing a 14-day quarantine period in Guangzhou ended up testing positive in Hangzhou.

Here are some key points of Beijing’s new ‘14+7’ quarantine policy:


7 Steps to Store Your Stuffs

How to find the best storage companies in China, January, 2021

To be frank, I was a newbie in the storage business just a year ago and the growing demand for this service (because of COVID-19) pushed me to study the industry from scratch. After a certain period of operations, it was satisfying to see how relieved people are knowing their stuffs sorted and stored safely. Since we are unable to help people looking for similar service outside Beijing, I decided to share the experience and knowledge we gathered to help you find the suitable storage experience in China.


China Survival Guide

Apps and tips that will make your Chinese experience a whole lot better, April, 2020

The People’s Republic is definitely not the easiest country to navigate. Not only those Chinese characters are intimidating, but the Great Firewall of China also prevents anyone from accessing Google, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Youtube, Wikipedia and most Western news/media sites.


Obscure Parks of Beijing

Where to best enjoy Beijing’s spring and autumn, April, 2020

At first sight, Beijing may seem like an uninhabitable city. Building blocks from the ’80s and ’90s adorn one side of the city and a sea of skyscraper adorn the other. In fact, this city that may seem barren at first, hides within it, plenty of picturesque green pockets. Now that I think about it, it shouldn’t really be a surprise considering how obsessed Chinese imperial families and scholars were with gardens.


Covid Times

How the self-storage can save you money during the pandemic, January, 2021


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